The Group of Death 3.0

Gaffer’s gone by Nick
October 31, 2007, 1:30 pm
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Second bottom, three players who don’t even play, and no interest nor hope of recovery.

The lights are on but nobody’s home.

Gentlemen, pat yourselves on the back. We broke him. Again.



Adder: The Truth by sinners4444
September 26, 2007, 5:47 pm
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Proof, if proof were needed, that Alec Havey was supporting Arsenal as long ago as 1991.

Adder Change of Heart? by sinners4444
September 24, 2007, 11:06 am
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Werder Brow-Men chief Alec Harvey was today forced to deny accusations that his stewardship of the GoD3.0 leaders had led to a conflict of interests between GoD success and his support of Tottenham Hotspur, and subsequent hatred of Arsenal.

‘The Adder’ has embarked on a controversial transfer policy which has led to his team including no fewer than 5 Arsenal players for this weekends round of matches. It has been suggested that the success of his team would now be wholly reliant on the success of Harvey’s ‘hated’ enemy. Many Spurs fans have expressed anger and disgust at this perceived betrayal by their former ally, likening him to other Tottenham sell-outs such as Sol Campbell.


‘I see no conflict’ said a clearly flustered Harvey , desperately trying to hide the ‘Fly Emirates’ logo emblazoned on his shirt. ‘My job is to steer Brow-Men to GoD glory, and to do that I need to pick the best players for the job.’

The controversial move by Brow-Men from the historic home of the Camp Brow to the new multi million pound development in N5 is also seen as a cynical shift away from Tottenham. It is even alleged that the naming of the new stadium is a nod to the red half of North London, an accusation refuted by Harvey.

‘Nonsense – the reason we called it the HighBrow Stadium has nothing to do with Arsenal. It is a reflection of my love of fine art and literature’ he protested, while book-marking his copy of the Arsenal Opus. ‘I have even heard it said that my putting in a bronze bust of Lee Chapman in HighBrow’s Marble Hall is in some way linked to an allegiance to Arsenal. Utter hogwash! Chapman has always been a favourite player of mine – living proof that limited ability is no handicap from anyone getting to the top of their profession ’’

Harvey, who counts TV stars as Tom Watt, Rory McGrath and Jeremy Beadle as close personal friends, then launched into a bizarre oration about his love for Tottenham.


‘’Cut me and I bleed Tottenham. Every white blood cell is a Tottenham Player in my eyes. If I prick my finger I can see them – Tony Hazzard, Mickey Falco, Glenn Galvin – pouring over my skin….OK, so I have red blood cells as well and there are many more of them, but I can’t help that. It’s the white ones that matter, the ones gloriously led by Bill Burkinshaw and Arthur Lowe. Wha – he was in Dad’s Army??!!Oh.’’

Don't Panic

Browmen go into moral bankruptcy by Nick
September 24, 2007, 8:36 am
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A great weekend for the Browmen. But at what cost?

The man who accused Sinners of picking Chelski players rather than sticking to his moral code has stuffed his team full of Gooners.

This move, and the consequences of it, ask some serious questions of the GoD – not least, whether a victory is hollow if it flies in the face of everything you stand for. And does moral bankruptcy incur a fifteen point penalty like its financial counterpart?

This is, unsurprisingly, the subject of our latest poll. Click on the left to have your say. In the meantime, here is a crudely mocked-up pic of the Browmen in their new kit.

Adder on the run… by Nick
September 17, 2007, 1:10 pm
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But how long can he last setting the pace?

Will it be Portsmouth all over again?

Chutspur in the market for a new signing? by Nick
September 11, 2007, 11:13 am
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The Roon dog could be fit again, and much earlier than expected. Possibly this weekend. Interesting.
That will please Gaffer, who’s had him in the side since the injury. But will anybody else be rushing back in?

Rooney was a staple of many GoD sides before his foot snapped. But we all know Sav desparately needs a striker given the appalling performance in his front two. Viduka could well be the fall guy as the big man panics his way into the market – and watch for a few more transfers as he offloads some others to pay for him…

Pic: A vision of the future? Sav poses with his new signing

Driven to distraction by Nick
September 7, 2007, 8:24 am
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Feel the excitement! The celebration of that minority oval ball sport, played seriously in a whopping eight countries across the globe, is about to start. Three weeks or however long it is of ridiculous mismatches, followed by a few tight yet unexciting games at the end. I can tell you, I can hardly wait!

As well as the national outpouring of apathy when England go out in the quarters, coupled with a three month fog of depression in parts of Clapham and Henley, I suspect this tournament will achieve at least one significant result. Sav’s eye will be taken well and truly off the ball, and any hopes he has of salvaging anything from his miserable start to the season will vanish.

Unfortunate for him, but it removes one of the challengers (and surprise former champion) from the running. But at least he’ll have those delicious scrummy memories – and the rugby calendar on the wall to remind him of them.